I Dared to Call him Father-Hindi

मैंने उसे पिता कहने का साहस किया (I Dared to Call Him Father)

By Bilquis Sheikh


This book is the Hindi translation of “I Dared to Call Him Father”. Essentially, Sheikh's life story is a fascinating saga of her unusual journey involving her personal relationship with the Almighty and how that one relationship turned her world chaotic and put her very life at peril. At the time that Sheikh forged a relationship with God, she was at a crossroads in her life, not knowing which path to take. But thanks to this relationship, which strengthened via a string of dreams she had, the author found her heart, mind and soul being consumed in this quest and all her questions were answered. Indeed, in this riveting read readers can find some of their own questions on God answered such as how to surrender completely to the Lord and what happen when you give up yourself to God.

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ISBN: 978-93-80941-39-4