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Living with Alzheimer’s: A love story

By Robin Thomson


As the disease gradually took over their lives, they learned the hard way. Robin watched as his adventurous and independent wife slowly seemed to disappear. They went through discouragement and relentless pressure as Shoko’s personality changed and she lost her capacity in many areas of life – but not her constant affection and love. They experienced both frustration and support from the health and social care systems, along with love and practical help from family, and friends, and the carers who visited them..

This honest and hope-filled account, with its practical insights, suggestions for ways forward and advice on further resources, is a must-read for caregivers and for the friends and families of those affected by this mysterious disease. It shows how we can respond, not with fear and incomprehension but rather with heightened love and creative friendship.

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ISBN: 9781912726196