A priceless gift

एक अनमोल उपहार: A Priceless Gift

By Anand Kumar


The Gospels in poetic form. This set contains the following titles: Divine Light: The Good News by Matthew in Poetic Form (Divya Jyoti: Matti Rachit Susamachar) Light of Life: The Good News by Mark in Poetic Form (Jeevan Jyoti: Markus Rachit Susamachar) Eternal Life: The Good News by Luke in Poetic Form (Mrityunjai: Luka Rachit Susamachar) Light of the World: The Good News by John in Poetic Form (Jyoti Jagat ki: Yuhanna Rachit Susmachar)

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ISBN: 978-81-906277-7-1