Pointless Persecution

Pointless Persecution

By Balabir Negi


The title "Akaaran Sataav, as it aptly suggests is a succinct representation of the Indian context of persecution. The intricate dimensions of the subject at hand, has been handled in a simplistic, easy to understand manner, yet without losing its seriousness. Pastor Balabir Negi, through his writing on the subject of persecution, brings out the essential elements that most 'followers of Jesus'in North India face at certain points of their journey. His personal testimony bears witness to these facts. Established Church leaders and teachers will find this book helpful in relating to the actual nuances of the North Indian field and as more leaders are prepared for the ministry, it is hoped that they will have a greater and deeper understanding of the emotional, relational and other issues that young believers face. I wish Balabir God's grace and peace, even as He continues to plod on. Rev. Cecil Peters Principal Grace Bible College, Jamshedpur I count it a privilege to write a recommendation for the book being published by Rev. Bala Bir Negi. For a long time now, I have wanted to write a book expounding on Biblical Perspective on suffering, persecution and its implications on a new believer. Rev. Negi has already done this and the beauty of it is that he has written this book in a simple, non-complicated way, so that anyone can understand it and benefit in their Christian walk. He has shared from his life and from his experiences. The book comes straight out of his heart. I have known Bala now for over 15 years and I have often shared his story in different training seminars; the people have always been encouraged through his steadfastness and willingness to pay the price for following Jesus. I know this book is going to encourage a lot more people in their walk with Christ. Rev. Vijayesh Lal Executive Director Evangelical Fellowship Of India

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