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Real Family Life Dramas DVD - Vol II

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3 Stories from Real Family Life Dramas - "Family Communication", "God's Special Gift" & "Coping with Anger"
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First Story - "Family Communication" Imagine a world without words…..Strange! Family communication is very important to overcome a mundane existence, by sharing our thoughts, caring for one another, listening to each other and understanding every member of the family. In doing so, each one enriches the other to build a relationship of a lifetime. Join in their learning experience to see how you can make a difference in the quality of life that you share with your Family – to touch lives and be touched by the ones who mean so much to you. Second Story - "God's Special Gift" Each child is a special and unique gift of God. How often do we tend to loose ourselves in the humdrum of daily existence, get caught up in a monotonous routine? “God’s Special Gift” is but a glimpse into our lives, from which we can learn to enrich our relationship with our children, with God’s guidance and live a life in all its abundance. “The little children are but a glimpse of paradise.” Third Story - "Coping with Anger" Do I get angry when things go wrong? Or when things don’t go my way? A Familiar thought that crosses our minds so often. Amazing though it may sound, self-realization is the key to open our heart, mind and soul to accept, in all humility, that we are wrong. “Coping with Anger” endeavours to bring about a realization that makes us free from the bonds of a mundane existence, into a realm of unimaginable joy and an abundant life.

Additional Information

ISBN/Product number SVP-002-2014
Author Sheila Samuel
Product Type Paperback
Publisher Samuel Video Production
Publication Year 1998